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Industrial-grade clam chowder and frozen Canadian lobster meat ...

… get your “award-winning” Fluffy Chowder today while supplies of frozen, Prince Edward Island lobster meat last!

  • Wait! Were those “Best Chowder” awards won before the chowder went into the big plastic bag, in the big box, in Lynn, Massachusetts, or after?                                                                                                                                                                               Bob Smith, Exeter, NH       
  • BYOC (bring your own clams).         

Bob R, Hampton, NH


  • Traditional clam chowder recipes are, well, just too smooth and creamy.

Jonathan A., Rye, NH

  • Fluffy chowder aficionados agree, freshly caught lobster meat just isn’t rubbery enough.

Bill T., Boston, MA

  • Industrial-grade chowder that comes in a big box, isn’t that bad.

Jim B.,  New Castle, NH

  • Good fluffy chowder tastes better than bad chicken noodle soup.

Mary B, North Hampton

Dan D, Dover, NH

  • Thank you, New Hampshire, for your patronage! 

Pierre Poutine, Prince Edward Island

  • Frozen lobster meat tastes good, and it is very good for you, too!

Bruce S., Providence, RI

  • Fluffy Chowder is very sophisticated.                                                               

Everett C, IV, Rye Beach, NH

  • WHAT?  Kidney cancer is one thing, but testicular Cancer?  No, thank you.

                                                       Billy T, Hampton, NH

BREAKING NEWS!  This just in, some clam chowder recipes linked to testicular and kidney cancer risk, according to the American Cancer Society. Read more here.   

Here is a REAL Fluffy Chowder recipe for making two large servings at home.


Make your own clam chowder from scratch, or use two fifteen-ounce containers of high-end Clam Chowder, like LEGAL SEA FOODS New England clam chowder, available at Shaw’s supermarkets (never use a big bag of industrial-strength, Kettle Cuisine LLC  New England Clam Chowder ® from Lynn, Massachusetts).

A half pound of freshly caught, cooked lobster meat (about a couple of small tails and a claw); freshly cooked lobster meat is available at Al’s Seafood in North Hampton, or cook your own.  (Never, ever use frozen lobster meat from South Shore Seafoods, Ltd. from Prince Edward Island, Canada.)

Sherry (not cooking sherry), available at the State Liquor Store.

Butter, available almost anywhere but Best Buy ®.


Start with the lobster. Cut the cooked lobster meat into quarter-sized or larger pieces and sauté in butter. 

Add sherry to taste (don’t hold back!), and simmer together.

Nuke the canned clam chowder, then transfer the chowder to a saucepan.

Add the sautéed lobster to the chowder and simmer for at least 10-15 seconds.

Voila, fluffy chowder in less than ten minutes; that’s all there is to it! 

Always serve fluffy chowder with unoaked California Chardonnay, in your glass, not in the chowder. (You can’t do that at the Harbor!)


Favicon courtesy of Vecteezy